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The Other 'Dam - Weekend Trip Report Rotterdam

Going to Rotterdam for just two nights to sleep on an old ship? That’s dam(n) crazy, I certainly won’t disagree with that notion. However, I pride myself in NOT being normal, so I guess it’s just par for the course. And besides, it wasn’t my fault! My parents are to blame, don’t you see? Both of them needed a break from the daily grind, and my dad had come across a rather special “hotel” which I’m not going to spoil here. You’re going to have to keep reading to find out. And yes, I know I’m a cruel bastard! Anyway, Rotterdam, I thought? That’s not too far from Amsterdam Airport, isn’t it. Indeed it isn’t, and since train prices in the Netherlands are actually affordable, the plan was easily set. I would fly into Amsterdam while they made a road trip up from Speyer, and we would rendezvous in Rotterdam aboard the SS Rotterdam. Since this was a weekend trip, I wouldn’t even have to take time off, I’d just have to leave half an hour early. Thankfully, that wasn’t a problem, and so on