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Drowning out the world? - Sony MDR ZX110NA Review

If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure you’ve had moments where you just wanted the whole world to shut the f**k up! Be it because you’re dealing with a complicated issue, because once again you’re the only one in the entire office that appears to be doing ANY work, or simply because you’re having a bad hair day. The reasons are plenty, and usually valid. The big question is what to do about it, after all shooting your co-workers is usually out of the question. Unless you have a good lawyer who can turn anything into a self-defence situation, but that is another story entirely, one that is currently showing on Netflix. ;)  Since the use of firearms in this situation is a non-starter, the tool of choice for most people will be headphones. The choice available is staggering — Earbuds, Over-Ear headphones, On-Ear headphones, wired or wireless, regular or noise cancelling, it’s all a question of personal preference… or budget. For most of the last year, I’ve been using a pair of Beat

Manfrotto NX Sling Review - The cat's out of the bag

When you’re an amateur photo and video buff like me, there’s nothing like doing a photo tour every now and then. Doesn’t sound too difficult now, does it? Just grab your camera and go. But what when you need a stable camera platform, for example for long exposure shots, panoramas or videos? You need a tripod, of course. So you take that along as well, there’s carrying cases for these things anyway. Want to review and edit your photos on the go as well? Okay, so the laptop it is as well, with the associated cables of course. Then there’s the rest you need or want with you as well, phone, headphones, a couple of spare batteries, etc., and before you know it, you’ve got three bags hanging over your shoulder, your pockets will be full to bursting point, and you’ll be too busy not hitting anybody to spot interesting shots. The solution sounds simple, get one bag to accommodate all of your hardware at once. Once again, it sounds easy enough, just look up a bag on Amazon and go for it… and