The Electronic Flight Bag - Essentials for Drone Pilots

So, you've got your new drone. It's set up, you've done all the firmware updates, and you're ready to fly. But where do you fly, and when? You don't want to stray into closed airspace, and you certainly don't want your drone to be blown into the next available tree, or drowned in some torrential rain. And you absolutely want to avoid flying your drone into the engine or cockpit of a manned aircraft. Thankfully, you don't need to be superhuman to manage all of that. There's a ton of resources out there, both for neophyte drone pilots and for the more seasoned remote aviators, from web pages (like my weather blog for example ;) ), to a plethora of apps. There's literally more stuff out there than you can shake a stick at, but personally, I only use a handful at this stage.

Pretty much all consumer drones these days are fair-weather UAVs, no matter how you twist or turn it. Some drones can take more punishment than others, but in effect, once the…

Introverts in Sales - Why Not?

I've just gone through the recently opened files here in Word, and to my own shock, I found an overabundance of weather forecasts and warnings, with precious little of the blog articles I so love to write. Now granted, the last few days have been extraordinary from a weather perspective, but when did that become the dominant factor in my writing ambitions? That's not how it's supposed to work. But, at least it gave me a good opener for this post, after staring at a blank page for hours. Anyways, as the Stellaris theme is playing in the background, I'm sitting here reflecting on two rather interesting TED talks I watched today. Both were from a TED playlist called "For the love of introverts", which is kinda fitting, since I am very much one of those. The first one was held by author Susan Cain. Cain, who holds degrees from both Princeton and Harvard, laid out how our society and education systems, even to some degree our own family upbringing, are tooled to fa…

Ireland 2040 - My thoughts

So, on Friday, the Irish Government presented its grand investment strategy for the next 22 years. Ireland 2040, as this plan is called, is a massive infrastructure investment program that will finally bring Ireland up to speed, and make it ready for the coming challenges according to the government. Of course, the opposition wasted no time in calling foul, with Labour party calling it a failure only twenty minutes after the plan had been announced. Well, if anyone knows failure in Ireland, it's Labour, but back to the topic at hand. The plan will see a total of 116 billion Euros spent over the next twenty years, funding pretty much everything from a new runway at Dublin Airport, and a metro for the capital, to new and much needed motorways, hospitals, ports, the much delayed rural broadband rollout, housing, public transport improvements, and much, much more.
In fact, Ireland 2040 is split into two distinct documents. One is the National Planning Framework, which in fact goes all …

Rising Ambition - Towering Idiocy!

You know? Sometimes, I wish the Black & Tans had been more successful in their burning of Cork, had actually managed to flatten the entire city and driven its population away. It would have made things a whole lot easier for urban developers in the following decades, because nowadays, it seems you can’t even build a simple office block without a storm of protests, and god help you if you want to develop anything that’s actually ambitious.
Take the current plans for the redevelopment of Customs House for example. In recent months, a New York based development company has announced plans to redevelop the entire site, integrating the bonded warehouse into a 40 storey mixed-use high-rise development. Once these plans became public, the outcry was immediate and vicious. There were the usual cries of “what about the homeless??” (Article on that is in the works), and other NIMBYist whining, involving all the usual suspects, including the Greens and other left-wing organisations. Recently,…