Just when you thought you were safe - Presenting a new author on my blog

What's worse than one blogger with an "eclectic" choice of topics? Two bloggers with such a weird taste, of course. So I'm more than pleased to welcome a new author on my blog today. This new guy, who goes by the name of Eltor, will be publishing his first articles in the next couple of days. But that's not all there is to it. This guy is the one who infected me with the writing bug, so you're free to blame everything on him without any second thought! ;) 
Seriously though, I'm looking forward to sharing this digital space with him, he's got some great ideas, and although his english may be a bit rusty sometimes, he does have an knack for writing and a certain gift for eloquence, and I'm sure you'll enjoy his articles as much as mine, that is if you enjoyed mine in the first place. So please welcome Eltor, who also happens to be my dad, on this blog! 
Of course, just like me, he's always happy about feedback, so if you have anything to say, post away in the comment section below. We read all comments, quite simply because we have to approve them before they get published! ;) Oh, and one more thing, on a housekeeping note. Over the next few days, the layout of this blog will change. I have decided to start running ads on this blog, and the layout and theme change will serve to better accommodate those ads, so please be so kind and turn off your adblockers when visiting this blog.


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